Your Unique Greeting Postcard Challenge

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Let's have some fun this festive period, shall we?...

Create a timelapse video of a SIMPLE greeting postcard (any size) for any special occasion or for your loved ones. Use any medium or tools you have, even a pencil sketch is perfect.
Submission deadline: 31st May midnight
3 simple steps: 
1) Save your timelapse video into MP4 or MOV format OR just take a nice picture of your completed art piece if you can't take timelapse video.
2) share the facebook ad post with at least 1 friend.
3) post your submission via any social media platform you prefer, hashtag #BeCreativeWithForest3, or simply send through messenger.
4) Complete the form below, so that we'll look out for your submission.
...after that just wait for our reply.
All entry will receive our Wryte Giveaway: 1 A4 Wryte magnetic chalkboard sticker and 1 A4 Wryte whiteboard sticker by post PLUS a little surprise from us!
All time-lapse video entry will stand another chance for a Special ZETA lucky draw at the end of June for our full 3sqm Whiteboard paint kit worth $125. Yes, we've extended our deadline since CB is extended for many who are under Phase 2 and 3.
All submissions will be featured in our blog newsletter by 6th June. 

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