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Since 2012, Forest 3 has helped transform spaces in offices, schools, universities and homes into functional spaces for more effective and fun learning experiences, enhancing the sharing of ideas and expression of creativity by people of all ages. While we strive to deliver products and services to cater to ever-changing needs, we have not forgotten our mission to serve the underprivileged community.
"We CARE 2019"
Support our “We CARE 2019” target to create 5000 square feet of total writable walls across various homes and facilities for the less privileged by January 2020. We have identified that many homes or care centre for the elderly, children, and those with special needs are still not sufficiently equipped with areas for writing or drawing in their facilities. Many approached us for a solution but most do not have sufficient funds for such enhancement as supply and labour for painted or mounted whiteboard can easily cost $90 to $100 per 10 square feet.
For “We CARE 2019” we have the support of our painting partners and supplier, and is able to reduce supply and application of 10 square feet writable wall to only $50. We now hope to find sponsors to offer each centre’s activity room at least a 100 square feet new whiteboard wall. The cost of our whiteboard paint, undercoat and painter to complete a 100 square feet writable wall for ”We CARE 2019” is $500.
Our unique water-based dry erase whiteboard solution allows users to write or doodle with whiteboard markers, offering a perfect area for endless fun, creativity and ideas. Our plan is to offer each welfare organisation the following:
  • 100 square feet of supply and application of white or clear dry erase whiteboard paint.
  • 10 Wryte whiteboard foam dusters and 1 100ml bottle of organic cleaner to give the centre or home sufficient tools to start using wall without hassle.
  • a printed tag to acknowledge the sponsor’s contributions, to be mounted on the wall.
In order for us to transform plain walls into functional surface for activities, boosting art and learning engagements for as many deserving welfare organisations as possible, we hope for your support. For a sponsorship of $500, you will help to make a difference. You may sponsor more than 100 square feet. 
COVID19 pandemic had resulted in some delays in our application work at the facilities of some of the beneficiaries between January to March. We are pleased to have completed the work before the Circuit Breaker measures. Residents of these homes are now able to enjoy the writable walls as part of their activities. 
Stay tuned for photos of these WeCARE 2019 Whiteboard Walls ! 
Sponsored Whiteboard projects
In view of the increasing demand and the positive impact to the beneficiaries, we'll continue to work towards 5000 sqft of writable walls for the less privileged. 
Please contact us to find out more.