About us


In the space scarce environment that is Singapore, Forest3 Design prides ourselves in delivering innovative wall solutions that are both functional and beautiful…..Transforming the way we see and use our space.

At Forest3, we provide wall coating solutions that combine functionality with beauty. Our current products include Whiteboard Paint, Magnetic Paint, Chalkboard Paint, Dry Erase Whiteboard Films, Dry Erase Chalkboard Film, Murobond special effects paint and more. Click HERE to find out more.

Besides amazing products, we offer the following services:

    • Professional painting services with quality environmentally friendly paint solutions.
    • Wall sticker application services by our professional installers.
    • Maintenance services for your dry erase surfaces.
    • Mural design and painting.
    • Interior and space design services for sustainable, flexible and functional solutions.
    • Consultation services on your space usage and design needs.
    • Interior construction and renovation services.

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