Zeta Whiteboard Paint (WHITE)

  • $120.00

Zeta Whiteboard Paint (or Dry Erase Paint) is a unique, innovative water-based paint that transforms any surface into a whiteboard and a large canvas, perfect for offices, homes and schools.


Product Descriptions:

  • Easy to apply (DIY Friendly!)
  • Water-based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Effective with most dry-erase markers
  • Great for Watercolor painting
  • Erase easily
  • Cost saving against other whiteboard solutions!


Available colors : Clear (Transparent)


Available Kit Sizes: 3 sqm kit, 6 sqm kit, 10 sqm kit

Using the clear paint and the water-base colored paint of your choice, you may have your whiteboard in any color you desire.


Simply brush this paint on any smooth walls, your wall will become a big writable whiteboard.You can write and draw on it at will.