Zeta Whiteboard Paint User Care Guide

Please contact us if you will like to have a PDF softcopy of the User Care Guide

What type of writing tool can you use? 

For Zeta Whiteboard Paint, only use good whiteboard markers and whiteboard erasers. The brand that has been widely use is Pilot Vboard Master. You may of course try other brands of whiteboard markers. When switching to new brands of markers, conduct a test at the side of the Zeta Whiteboard to ensure suitability.

For Zeta Chalkboard Paint, the standard old-school chalk is the best. However, if you prefer to use liquid chalk or chalk markers that are often used for writing on glass surfaces, please try only the waterbase ones. Again, conduct a test at the side of your Zeta Chalkboard before heavy usage as there are simply too many different brands of markers with different chemical content, it is often not easy to determine if it contains oily element or not. 

Do not use:

 ✘ permanent markers 

 ✘ ball point pens or pencils 

 ✘ hard or sharp object. Be careful of the whiteboard or chalkboard duster's plastic holder, some poorly designed ones scratches the surface easily.


How to clean and maintain Zeta Dry Erase Paint? 

​Easy. Clean whiteboard with foam duster, whiteboard duster or dry-cloth after use. For chalkboard film, you may use foam duster, chalkboard duster or dry-cloth after use.  To reduce waste, we recommend dry cloth which you may wash and reuse regularly. If you choose to use dusters, be mindful that the duster holder should not cause scratches during use. Consider Wryte Foam Duster that is completely made of foam material. 

For stubborn stains, clean surface with water or damp cloth, avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or chemical. If damp cloth isn’t effective enough, spray a little Wryte eco-whiteboard cleaner on the stains, leave for a minute before wiping stains off with a clean cloth. Once done, wipe with damp cloth to remove residue. Check out Wryte accessories here for our dusters and cleaning solution. 

For durability, regular cleaning (e.g. every fortnight) with damp cloth is recommended. That way you won't have to deal with stubborn stains.