Isonem Anti Sound Paint 18L

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ANTI SOUND PAINT, it is an acoustical paint for damping and blocking of noise that is designed to absorb and isolate sound in the best way. According to TS 140-4 Standard, in the results of the measurement and analysis, the applied paint, in 1/3 octave frequency in terms of dB, according to 1000 Hz;

 · When applied with a thickness of 1 mm, till 2,51 dB

· When applied with a thickness of 2 mm, till 4.85 dB


It has been certified by the Turkak approved accredited laboratories where it has reduced and absorbed the sound. Water-based and single-component ISONEM Anti Sound Paint can be produced in desired colors. Besides sound insulation, it is resistant to fire due to its late inflammability and non-flammable properties. It is water based, acrylic emulsion-based, one component. It can be used as interior and exterior sound insulation paint in all places where noise is not desired.