Mother's Day Art Challenge

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Watch this:

Mother’s Day Art Challenge Instructions:

Who is this for?

Anyone in Singapore with a residential address. We accept entries base on 2 categories: CAT C (age below 15), CAT A (age 15 and above), please specify your age in your entry.

What do you need?

  1. Any suitable material for art making (whiteboard, chalkboard, paper, cardboard etc). We recommend the wreath to be about 20cm diameter (just like A4 paper width). You may use any suitable material you can find at home (e.g. the inner clean side of a cereal box.)
  2. Any coloring tool (chalks, markers, watercolor paint, color pencils, oil pastel etc.).

What do you need to do?

  1. Watch our short video on how we created the colourful Mother’s Day floral wreath art piece.
  1. Get ready your recording device to take a time-lapse video of the process. (To stand a chance for our Special Zeta prize). Don’t worry if you can’t take time-lapse video, you’ll still get our amazing giveaways.
  2. Create a similar floral wreath with the tools you have. You may use colours and include flowers of your choice. Don’t forget to include “Happy Mother’s Day”!
  3. Take a nice picture of your completed art piece.
  4. Like Forest3 facebook page ( Post your entry on YOUR social media page. Include your name and age in description. Tag @forest3 and hashtag #BeCreativeWithForest3. Do all this by 11pm 8th May (Friday).

 What will you get?

  • Be the first 25 entries to get our Wryte Giveaway: 1 A4 Wryte magnetic chalkboard sticker and 1 A4 Wryte whiteboard sticker
  • All completed entries (videos or photos) will be entered into a lucky draw for 1 winner: 1.2m x 0.6m Wryte Foam base Whiteboard wall sticker. Children, Cat C entries get an additional prize, a printed canvas art kit with paint and brush! Cool huh?
  • All time-lapse video entry will stand another chance for a Special ZETA lucky draw at the end of May for our full 3sqm Whiteboard paint kit worth $125.
  • All submissions will be featured in our blog newsletter.

COME ON! Let’s have some fun creating art for all the beautiful wonderful mothers out there!


Look out for more fun and engaging art challenges in the month of May...

Stay safe!

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