Isonem Soil Water Trap

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Soil Water Trap

It is easy to use, superb water absorber (can absorb water up to 600 times its volume) soil additive. It is a polymer manufactured especially for frequently irrigated and high water consumption locations, gardens, glasshouses, and landscaping works.
With this polymer which holds rain and irrigation waters in its body and absorb 600 times of its volume, the water is held before it drains off the soil and constitutes a natural and long term water tank base for plants and trees
Available in 1kg and 5kg.


· Increases the soil porosity and reduces soil incrustation
· Keeps the soil humid at all times.
· Reduces the evaporation of the water in the soil.
· It reforms the soil structure and prevents erosion
· Protects surface and underground waters from pollution.
· Provides plant growth in very hot and dry climates
· Reduces irrigation, worker, fertilizer and seed costs
· Provides %50-%70 savings in water consumption
· Prevents the damage caused by over fertilization
· Reduces fertilizer consumption by %50.
· Increases yield efficiency
· Improves plant quality
· Seasonal conditions are not required for forestation
· Prevents the death of sprigs and seeds under the soil during winter. (-60 C). Protects the environment. 



· It is mineral based and one component.
· 1 gr has the capacity to hold 600 times water.
· When water enters it expands and becomes a gel.
· It stays in the soil actively for approximately 4 years
· It does not freeze until -60°C.
· Application depth is between 7 cm -1 m.
· It decomposes in the soil at a rate of - 15 per year.
· Once its job in the soil is done it returns to nature.