Wryte Dry Erase Film Application Guide

Wryte Dry Erase Film Application Guide

Wryte self adhesive film is best installed by 2 or more people if size exceeds 1 meter. This helps to ensure film is accurately aligned and to prevent accidental folds on the film during installation. Prior to installation, check and prepare wall surface in accordance to requirements base on chosen film solutions. Holes, cracks and gaps should be mended with plaster and smoothen with sand paper. Surface must be cleaned, free from dust. Area for installation should be marked with tape on at least one sides (normally right side for installer who is right hander) and the top.

Unroll on a flat, clean work surface if film is to be installed by one person. Otherwise you may unroll only about 800mm.

Step 2:

Using clean hands, removing about 30cm of the back liner from the top edge of the film. DO NOT REMOVE THE LINER OF THE ENTIRE PIECE OF FILM.

Step 3:
Align film against the taped side, and once positioned correctly, using a clean cloth press the top corner without back liner firmly to secure the top corner of the film to the surface. Continue to Support the remaining part of the film, do not let go.

Step 4:
Using the cloth, gradually glide from that secured top corner downwards and inwards pushing firmly against the surface while moving any air bubbles to the edge. If the remaining part of the film is being held by another person, then he should hold the film with it forming a 45 deg angle from the surface.

Step 5:
While supporting the remaining part of the film, continue to remove back liner 30cm at a time and repeat step 4 until the product is completely secured to the surface without any air bubbles.

Step 6:
If a bubble is spotted, immediately but slowly peel the film away from the side closest to the bubble. Peel past the entire bubble. Reapplying this section by using the cloth to rub downwards while working towards the edge of the film. NOTE: This step in not possible for foam base film like GWF-FA12 as peeling film will result in the foam to tear.

Step 7:
Product is ready for use. Framing of the Wryte Dry Erase Film is optional.
For effective use and maintenance of Wryte Dry Erase Film, please refer to the user care guideline.